Aman Gupta Net Worth 2023: Boat, Shark Tank Salary, Income

Aman Gupta is an influential, co-founder and CMO at BOAT and he is currently one of the judges of the show on India’s best television reality show Shark Tank. and Aman Gupta’s Net worth was

Aman Gupta has worked in several financial, lifestyle and other areas, including working with Citibank Financial, KPMG, Herman International, and JBL, and these brands, and eventually decided to set up his brand, Boat. And the money was borrowed from the bank for the loan and it’s amazing how it all started.


Aman Gupta was born in Delhi on 4th March 1982 and has since completed his primary education, his parents being father Neeraj Gupta and mother Jyoti Kochhar Gupta.

Speaking of his academic qualifications, after graduation his father was advised to join CA [Chartered Accounts], and following Aman’s father’s guidance, he completed CA. Still, he did not find good interest in this field.

He attended to study but due to a lack of interest in an MBA from Northwestern University- Kellogg School of Management for his Masters of Business Administration,

He could not continue for more than 6 months and he went to another field selling in an MNC company for 2 years and he lost his interest.

And finally, at the age of 35, he founded his brand, Boat, with the support of borrowing funds from banks and other sources, Now the BOAT Brand valuation was more than ₹10,000 Crores.

Aman Gupta Net worth

As of 2023, Aman Gupta net worth is $87 Million, In terms of INR ₹ 700 crores. They have 2 primary earning sources, including Boat Ownership, co-founder of the BoAt brand, which makes headphones, earphones, and wearables,

And whose other source is from Shark Tank India – he’s one of the juries among the 7 judges of India’s Most Popular Reality Show, which has the most viewers, earns a good salary but is not disclosed by him or the related organizers.

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Aman Gupta Shark Tank Investments

Aman Gupta was the co-founder and CMO of Boat. He is currently trending in India with Shark Tank India Reality Show because he invested in the ideas he liked, which have turned into startups and some startups are doing well.

And I mention it below and explain all startups funded by Aman Gupta selected through the Shark Tank India reality show.

  1. The Renal Project is linked to a micro center to enable dialysis home services for kidney patients, and Aman Gupta has invested nearly INR 50 Lakhs for 3% equity.
  2. Brainwired – It provides specialized livestock health monitoring and tracking solutions. Aman Gupta has paid INR 15 lakh for the company’s 2.5% equity.
  3. Blueline Foods – This is the startup for frozen Himalayan food deals, and funded 25 lakhs INR for 5.3% equity.

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Aman Gupta’s boat

Aman Gupta launched BOAT in 2016 and is the leading consumer electronics brand in India their company manufactures wireless earphones, wired earphones, smartwatches, Bluetooth speakers, and more. It is the fastest-growing audio and wearable brand in India.

Aman Gupta is considered an Indian self-made businessman who is the co-founder and marketing director of Boat, the largest direct-to-consumer, audio-focused electronics brand. He owns 28.1% of the boat.

Cars Collection

Aman Gupta has a very decent interest in car collection, accordingly, Aman Gupta has BMW 7 Series that’s starting price of Rs. 1.42 Crores and up to Rs.1.75 Crores.

Apart from that, he has a BMW X1 which was a basic model by BMW manufacturers.

Social Media Followers

Boat’s co-founder Aman Gupta has a good amount of followers on different social platforms, first of all, he had 879k followers on Instagram and 158.6k on Twitter.


Shark Tank India judge Aman Gupta has an expensive bungalow in Delhi, estimated to be worth around 20 crores.

A large living area is available within this house and Aman and his family spend most of the time in this area, and 3 bedrooms and much more near it.


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