Bigg Boss Aniyan Midhun: Girl Friend, Wushu, Net Worth, Age

Aniyan Midhun is a contestant in Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 reality show, Rumors are doing rounds on the internet that Aniyan Midhun has represented the Indian team in the game of Wushu but no proper proof has been found so far.

In this post, we will explore Aniyan Midhun’s net worth, girlfriends, wushu game rumors, and brand endorsements along with his assets like cars, houses, and collections along with the controversy surrounding his false claims about representing India in the game of wushu.

Aniyan Midhun Net Worth 2023

Name Aniyan Midhun
Net Worth ₹40 lakhs
Salary ₹5 lakh/ pm [ Big Boss]
Annual Income ₹10 or below
Occupation Internet Personality
Nick Name Aniyan
Nationality Indian

As of 2023, Aniyan Midhun net worth is Rs 40 Lakhs, which includes several sources of earnings like brand promotion, Bigg Boss salary, and more.

 A fake love story created by Aniyan Midhun and the current controversies surrounding it

Mohanlal’s Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 is currently making headlines after contestant Aniyan Midhun fabricated a story about his girlfriend named Sana, who supposedly served in the Army. According to his tale, she had sneaked into an army camp and was later shot dead. This story has sparked a major controversy on television and the internet.

During a segment where contestants were asked to share their love stories, Aniyan Midhun claimed, “I told all my friends that I was going to propose to her. I even bought a ring. But then I found out that she had been killed. She was hit by a bullet on her forehead and she is no longer with us. I was devastated that I never got to express my love to her. However, I was proud that she had sacrificed her life for our country. As I write this, I recall the moment I hugged her lifeless body draped in the Indian flag.”

However, host Mohanlal questioned him about the story and stated that there was no such person. Despite Mohanlal exposing the fabricated story, Midhun stood by his decision. As the host, who is also a Lieutenant Colonel, Mohanlal called out Aniyan for spreading lies about an Indian Commando. He also made it clear that neither he nor his team bore any responsibility for what Aniyan had shared about the Indian Army. –

Aniyan representing India in the game of Wushu is true or false

As per our reports so far we have gathered details that Aniyan has not represented any game in the Indian team so far, and he has not featured in any wushu games at the state level or any other level so far.

It is also known that he has never won any medal related to the Wushu game yet, the truth about this is yet to come out.

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