Anubhav Dubey Net Worth 2023: Bio, Chai Sutta Bar, Income & etc.

Anubhav Dubey Net Worth 2023: Anubhav Dubey is an Indian entrepreneur and the co-founder of his Chai Sutta Bar, which is currently franchised with 170+ outlets, and 20+ countries worldwide.

In this post, I have revealed Anubhav Dubey’s net worth, biography, and fact about startups and more so stay till the end to get knowledge related to him.

Anubhav Dubey Net worth 2023

Name Anubhav Dubey
Annual Income $2 Million Est.
Net Worth $6.3 Million
Salary N/A
Occupation Entrepreneur
Nick Name Dubey
Nationality Indian

As of 2023, Anubhav Dubey Net Worth is $6.3 Million, In terms of INR ₹50 Crores from his total income sources, Among them, a major percentage of his net worth is added from his business Chai Sutta Bar and other income is currently working on his new startup.

Anubhav Dubey Biography And Early Life:

Anubhav Dubey Net Worth 2023

Image source: Anubhav Dubey’s IG

Anubhav Dubey was born in 1996 in REWA, Madhya Pradesh, graduated in commerce from Navodaya College of Commerce and Management, and later moved to Delhi to pursue his dream of becoming an IAS officer.

And hence did not join any coaching classes for UPSC preparation, But in 2016, he planned to start his own business with his friend Anand Nayak.

He thinks of buying a KFC franchise but it is very expensive that’s why he finally plans to start his own franchise with an investment of ₹3 lakhs and he started his first franchise of Chai Sutta Bar in 2016.

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Anubhav Dubey Income: 

I know most of the readers want to know the income report of their favorite celebrities and businessmen, so here I am revealing Dubey’s annual income here.

Anubhav Dubey’s annual income is ₹10 crore from Chai Sutta Bar’s profit share and the Chai Sutta Bar business is still running on a bootstrap basis, so the owner gets more profit than unicorn registered businesses.

Talking about Anubhav’s monthly income, he earns around 30 lakh+ from his business and startups.

Anubhav Dubey Business and Career:

Anubhav Dubey became famous across India with the huge success of his startup Chai Sutta Bar and is currently working on his other new startups.

Let’s explore them one by one from below,

Chai Sutta Bar:

Chai Sutta Bar is a tea and snack Outlet started in 2016, By Anubhav Dubey and his friend Anand Nayak with an investment of just ₹ 3 lakhs,

Currently, Chai Sutta Bar has a monthly turnover of around ₹ 100 Crores with a good profit margin, And this business is still running on a bootstrap basis, which is a good sign of a successful business.

Currently, it has 170+ outlets in India and 20+ franchises worldwide.

Social Works

Anubhav Dubey was quite good in social work apart from the business sector, He was doing a great job running a non-profit organization called Farz Foundation which is running to provide food to poor children for 2+ years.

Anubhav Dubey Educational Qualification:

Anubhav Dubey received his primary education from REWA, Madhya Pradesh, and further higher education of bachelor’s degree from Navodaya College of Commerce and Management.


Anubhav Dubey is raising young entrepreneurs and he spends a very small percentage of his wealth on luxury items and lifestyle because he believes that luxury items account for a major percentage of depreciation annually.

Anubhav Dubey spends only a few percent of his income on cars, houses, and other necessities, and why are you delaying? Check out their collection of cars and houses and more here below.

House: Anu Dubey is a very decent house and he likes it for his family its value is around 50 lakh rupees.

Car: Anubhav Dubey recently revealed in an interview with Sandeep Maheshwari about his interest in cars that due to lack of interest in cars, he only owns a second-hand Swift Dzire worth 3 lakhs.


  • He was UNYCC’s awardee from the World Bank Director at the American Embassy.
  • Anubhav Dubey’s journey has also been documented by NCERT.
  • Dubey has spoken at more than 300 national and international forums.


1]. Who is Anubhav Dubey?

Anubhav Dubey is the co-founder of Chai Sutta Bar and is also a great business speaker.

2]. Who is the CEO of Chai Sutta Bar?

Anubhav Dubey is the CEO of Chai Sutta Bar.

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