PewDiepie Net Worth 2022: Annual Income, Cars, Social Media & More

Hello Friends, Today I’m Going to Explain and detail about the USA Leading Youtuber Pewdiepie, A report of Pewdiepie Net worth in 2020 was approximately $30 Million according to the research of our experts and the income generates from the Youtube channel through Google Adsense, Sponsorship of Gadgets and more others earnings sources for him.


Net Worth: $30 Million
Age: 31
Born: October 24, 1989
Country of Origin: American
Source of Wealth: Youtube
Last Updated: Feb 2021

Pewdiepie was well known American No.1 Ranked Youtube Channel since 2015 and his subscriber’s count reached 107 already in 2020, Totally he has uploaded 4228 Videos on Youtube social media platform.

Pewdiepie (Felix Kjellberg) Quick Bio:

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg was born on 24 Oct 1989 in Gothenburg, Sweden. His mother and father, Johanna and Ulf, are both successful CEOs. As a child, he enjoyed art and play on his Super Nintendo; His passion for video games grew during his teenage years, during which he spent a lot of time in his bedroom or Internet cafe. “Sweden has a good culture around gaming,” she told Rolling Stone magazine in 2015, “We are really desperate people read more

Pewdiepie Net Worth 2021:

According to our team database collection regarding the Pewdiepie Net worth was 30 Million USD from overall earnings sources, In Indian ₹224 Crores. His YT Channel Monthly generates traffic was nearly 226.022M, and income from this traffic was $56.5K – $904.1K/month.

Actually, the people’s loved to watch Peiwdiepie Video clips on Youtube for entertainment purposes and subscribers engaging percentage was also hike to compare others,

Therefore Annually $678.1K – $10.8M from Google Adsense.

The above earnings reports are to be only from Adsense and other than Adsense Pewdiepie YT Channel has participated in various sponsorship deals of products like Gaming related, Pc and Computers, and New launched tech gadgets promotions.

Other than mentioned earing sources he had owned a blog related to Merchandise and it’s generating 1.2 Million traffic per month and income from this one estimated 1 Million USD.

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Pewdiepie Social media Followers:

Pewdiepie has the highest number of followers on social networking sites.

They have over three 30 MIllion followers on all social networks, including 22 million on Instagram, 7 Million on Facebook, and 346k on Twitter, and they also generate revenue through Instagram and Facebook from the promotion of products.

Pewdiepie Social Media Followers


Sponsorship of Products and others;

Pewdiepie had sponsorship made with Huawei, LG, Razer, and more other Brands.

Kjellberg has officially partnered with energy drink company GFUEL, According to the Forbes report, Peiwdiepie made $12 million annually through sponsorship with various Brands.

Pewdiepie Socialblade Report:

According to Social Blade Report, a private company on pewdiepie’s Youtube Channel, his YouTube channel is one of the best-known YouTube channels in the US, and it ranks number one in the United States and also ranked number one among gaming channels.
And it has an A grade from the Social Blade.

As per the to Social Blade, this one Youtube channel reserves 304 ranks worldwide and is one of the largest subscriber Youtube channels.

Pewdiepie Owned Assets:

Felix is one of the most expensive luxury homes and cars in the world, ie people who earn income from youtube social networking sites.

Felix Kjellberg was mostly interested in travel and racing. Of his total number of cars, different cars have been purchased for different purposes such as travel and car racing, and trucking.

He owned a house that was worth $12 Million and he also interested in cars, Therefore he had the costliest cars like PORSCHE 911, NISSAN MICRA, and others.


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