Puttakkana Makkalu Kannada Serial Cast, Story, Hero & Heroin (Zee Kannada)

Are you looking for the real names of the TV show characters in “Puttakkana Makkalu”? then you landed in the right place, in the article I’m going to walk you through the list all cast and crew who are appearing in the latest Kannada serial Puttakkana Makkalu which will be on air from 13 of December 2021 at 7:30 pm on Zee Kannada and live stream OTT is available via Zee5. Before diving into the list let me ask you a quick question, who is your favorite Kannada television actor or actress? Kindly let me know your answer in the comment section below.

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Puttakkana Makkalu: Puttakka had 3 girl children so her husband left her and marry another woman to have a boy child, Puttakka even after her husband left her she never loses hope and started a mess business in the town and brought up her 3 girl child where her first child Sahana help her to cook and she is an innocent girl, the second girl Neha is like a tomboy, third child Suma is known for keeping accounts of the mess they run together.

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Serial Title: Puttakkana Makkalu
Scheduled Timings: 07:30 PM, Monday to Friday
Director: Aroor Jagadish
Lead Roles: Umashree
Production: JS Production House
Genre: Family Drama
Channel: Zee Kannada
Broadcasting Langauge: Kannada
Location Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Video Format 1080i (HDTV)
Run Time: 22 Mins
Launch Date: 13 Dec 2021
OTT Platform: Zee5

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Puttakkana Makkalu Kannada Serial Cast and Character Introduction:

Umashree As Puttakkana (Gopala’s 1st Wife)

Umashree as Puttakka

Umashree is an Indian Actress and political leader who has forever been in the Kannada film industry as well as the Kannada television industry in recent days, she made her debut in Anubhava movie released in 1984, She received National Film Award for Best Actress for her astonishing role as Gulabi in Gulabi Talkies. She was the MLA from Terdal 2013 to 2018 where is also held Minister for Women and Child Development, and Minister for Kannada and Culture during her MLA period. Umashree’s television appearances are Nondavara Haadu, directed by T. S. Ranga, Hattye, Musanje, Musanje Katha Prasanga, Kicchu, Amma Ninagagi, Arathigobba Kirthigobba, Chinnara Chilipili, Puttakkana Makkalu for Zee Kannada.

Instagram: @umashree_official

Role in this Show:

Puttakka is a tough woman even her husband left her with 3 girl child she doesn’t lose any hope and brought her 3 children so that the entire village phrase and bless them, Puttakka feed food for all needy persons in the village, even after her husband left her and always make her fall into trouble she never felt bad her husband and disrespect him but, how long these good qualities of Puttakka’s will bring peace to her is the big question.

Akshara As Sahana (1st Daughter of Puttakka)

Akshara As Sahana (1st Daughter)

Role in this Show:

Sahana is the 1st daughter of Puttakka and her name is enough to explain her character, she is still a baby to her mother, Instead of astrology, she believes in cooking tasty food will lead her to a fruitful career. As wood burns resulting in cooking tasty food, Sahana is also like the wood, even if she is in big trouble she always thinks for other welfare. she has more fear of her dad instead of respect and she likes her mother and sisters more than anything in the world.

Instagram: @akshara_instaofficial

Sanjana Burli As Sneha (2nd Daughter of Puttakka)

Sanjana Burli As Sneha (2nd Daughter)

Sanjana Burli is an Indian actress and model born on 25 May 2020 to a Hindu family in Bangalore Karnataka, she predominantly works for the Kannada film and television industry and some of her projects are Puttakkana Makkalu, Lagna Patrike, Movies: Weekend (2019), and Choo Mandhirakaali (2021).

Instagram: @sanjanaburli.official

Role in this show:

Shena is the 2nd daughter of Puttakka still she is like a tomboy in Puttakka’s house, one can’t beat her in an argument, except the law she will not respect anyone no matter how big a fish is the person is. If she finds her mother in any kind of problem she is ready to face the world but she doesn’t like if anyone in the house talks about her father (Gopala).

Shilpa As Suma (3rd Daughter of Puttakka)

Shilpa As Suma (3rd Daughter)

Instagram: @shilpasavasere

Role in this Show:

Suma is the 3rd daughter of Puttakka and her voice is louder in the house and she rules the cash counter of Puttaka’s mess as well as she also does well in her exams. Mother is the root for her and sisters are the supportive branches to Suma.

Dhanush NS As Kanti (Son of Baddi Bangaramma)

Dhanush NS as Kanti

Dhanush NS is an Indian actor, model, and finalist of “Mr & Ms. Supermodel of Karnataka 2019”, who predominantly works for Kannada cinema and television industry and he was born and bought up to a Hindu family in Bangalore Karnataka. He appears in short movies and album songs like Naana Nagu, 18+ Two, Unirikshitha and the tv show “Puttakkana Makkalu”

Instagram: @dhanush_ns_official

Role in this Show:

Kanti the son of Baddi Bangaramma rides bullets is famous for breaking people’s bones where her mother breaks everyone with words in an argument. Kanti never felt good for education but he is good at keeping accounts, he believes in love, trust, friendship and can do whatever to achieve these 3 believes.

Manju Bhashini as Bangaramma (Kanti’s Mother)

Manju Bhashini as Baddi Bangaramma

Manju Bhashini is a popular Kannada television actress who has always works been working for the Kannada film and television industry she become popular for the role “Samaja Sevaki Lalithamba” (Social worker Lalitamba) in record hit Kannada serial “Silli Lalli” and she has also done several other project i,e. Ammavra Ganda, Bhoomi Geetha, Ganda Hendathi, Raaj-The Showman etc.

Instagram: @manjubhashini_official

Role in this Show:

Bangaramma is popularly known as “Baddi Bangaramma” (one who leads money for higher interest) a lady whose words is the final word, pride is her attitude, she will punish hardly for those who are caught guilty and forgive those who surrender to her with a good attitude, and her son his her universe. Self-respect, Loyalty, and honesty, and love with Baddi (Interest) are the life ethics of Baddi Bangaramma

Hamsa Pratap As Rajeshwari (Gopala’s 2nd Wife)

Hamsa Pratap as Rajeshwari

Hamsa Pratap is a Kannada actress who predominantly works for the Kannada film and television industry and she made her fame in Masterpiece Kannada Movie released in 2015 and she has also done several other projects like Amma, Angulimala, Drama, Dhruva, Zoom, Moondraam Ullaga Por, Smile Please, Nisabdham, Dhumm, etc. and now acting a dominating role in Puttakkana Makkalu Kannada TV Show.

Instagram: @hamsa_prathap

Role in this Show:

Rajeshwari affectionately called “Raji” by her husband is an arrogant woman whose sole aim is to destroy Puttakka’s Mess and make her bankrupt, she gave birth to a boy child which is a great deal in Indian families especially in rural areas which always make her float on Cloud no 5 and she never compromise with the matter that she is a second wife to her husband.

Ramesh Pandit As Gopala (Husband: Puttakka and Rajeshwari)

Ramesh Pandit As Gopala Krishna


Ramesh Pandit was born to a Hindu family on 22 July 1978 in Bangalore Karnataka, a popular negative role actor in the Kannada cinema industry and he made his debut in Nigooda Rahasya Kannada serial later appeared in various popular Kannada movies and television shows throughout his acting journey.

Role in this Show:

Gopala left his first wife Puttakka for not having a boy child and marries another woman for the sack of bearing a boy child with her and with the help of his second wife he always finds a way to make Puttakka fall into trouble. The only person in the world who makes feel Gopala threatened is Sneha his 2nd daughter and his son is of no use to the family or society and never obeys his father’s order and Gopala’s brother-in-law is also a useless person and this a crazy situation where Gopala leads his life.

Nisha Hegde

Nisha Hegde

Instagram: @nisshahegde.official

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